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Bushenyi District Accessibility Audit Committee

Burisadi Justine The speaker Secretary 0701492670
Atusiima Catherine BAPD Chairperson Chairperson 0772680583
Twineomuguni Nicolas Youth rep BAPD Member 0773444906
Mr. Kabalega Cypriano Leader in buweju Vice Chairperson 0782553597
Asiimwe Godfrey BAPD Treasure/ BAPD Senior Councilor Member 0772570854
Mr. Kiiza Banabas District Engineer Member 0772468021
Tusiimwe Serwanu Physical planner Member 0784246315
Muchunguzi Douglas Lawyer and Councilor LC5 representing PWDs Vice Secretary 0778620600
Ketra Tushemereiwe Community Mobilizer Mobilizer 0777613834

Mubende / Kasanda District Accessibility Audit Committee

Eng. Muzibira John Baptist District Engineer -Mubende Chairperson 0772866632
Eng. Fred Sebyatika District Engineer -Kasanda Vice Chairperson 0703464623
Eng. Ssebayiga John Municipal Engineer -Mubende Technical Secretary 0772389986
Dr. Lubowa Deo S. District Health Officer -Mubende Member 0788075257
Dr. Sentamu Lawrence District Health Officer -Kasanda Member 0701489237
Ms. Ndagire Maria DCDO-Mubende Secretary 0772617274
Mr. Sebulime Gonzaga DCDO-Kasanda Mobiliser 0772621524
Ms. Namanda Hilda Physical planner -Mubende Member 0783449144
Haji. Lukoya Abdul DEO from Kasanda Member 0754369446
Mr. Kayuwa Benson DEO from Mubende Member 0772438312
Nicholas Kwesiga Projects Liaison Officer Member 0702374489
Nanteza Regina MUAPDA Member 0788006496

Nebbi District Accessibility Audit Committee

Eng. James Kubi District Engineer Chairperson 0772510799
Charles Lemiza Education officer SNE Secretary 0774496572
Nimungu Doreen Clare Female District Councilor Rep. PWDs Member 0774244854
Opira Fabiano Chairperson NAPD Member 0772463121
Oryema Ben Chairperson Business Community Member 0772675200
Eng. Olore Joseph Kasamba Municipal Engineer Member 0782705505
Grace Amiya CDO in-charge of Disability Mobilizer 0782902891
Omul Onen Gilbert Rep Construction Industry Member 0754904697
Ocan Alex Claudius Senior Clinical Officer Member 0775990133
Flaviah Oyeny Rhodah Municipal Physical Planner Member 0772322435

Busia District Accessibility Audit Committee

Wabwire Patrick District Planner Chairperson 0772510935
Onyango Henry DCDO Member 0772329534
Egessa James Construction Industry Rep Member 0785345047
Eng. Mwidu George District Engineer Secretary 0773 823 092
Eng. Bernard Nadiope Municipal engineer Member
Etyang James Chairperson Busia District Action on Physical Disability Mobilizer 0786928864
Wabwire Tonny District Health Inspector Member 0772883898
Nabwire Anne Female PWDs Councilor Member 0777722158
Mageni Moses District Communications Officer Publicity Secretary 0782637759

Lira District Accessibility Audit Committee

Mr. Emmy Joe Odongo Chairperson LIPHA Member 0771437172
Olao Ronny Probation officer in charge of Disability and Elderly 0782699144
Mr. Ogwang George Moris Chairperson 0782254494
Andrew Nyero LIPHA Mobiliser 0772352730
Awor Brenda LIPHA Member Secretary 0787495177
Omara Mathew Okello District Union Chairperson Member 0772468982
Mr. Owiny Freddie Municipal Engineer 0772335587
Ongala Geoffrey District Engineer 0772665629

Mukono District Accessibility Audit Committee

Eng. Herbert Lutwama Senior Engineer Mukono District in charge of construction Technical Secretary 0772456525
Kamoga Hamza District Physical Planner Member 0703366047
Ssali Gerald The Inspector Special Needs Member 0777850944
Ampaire Christine DCDO Member 0772462213
Nakiwala Jane .S. NGO Forum Mobiliser 0782559534
Mbonye Emmanuel District Speaker Chairperson 0774157941
Lubowa Ramanthan Male Municipal Councilor Member 0774368323
Lazaro Biriwo Samson MAPD Member 0751375985
Okello Ngwabe MAPD Secretary 0755949536
Nsubuga Abdu Male Councilor PWDs Mukono District Member 0785946871
Namubiru Deborah Female Municipal Councilor PWDs Member 0752661935
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