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Pretty’s Life Changed After Joining School In Kabale District.

Pretty’s Life Changed after Joining School in Kabale district.

Pretty Nyamwezi is my name and I am twelve years old and living with my mother, now in primary one at special needs education Centre, Kitanga (Kabale District). I feel very proud to see that I am also in school like my other brothers and sisters. My father never wanted me to go to school but later, my mother took me to school without the knowledge of my father after being sensitized by Kiconco Hope (UNAPD Project Assistant) about the right to education for CWDs. Good enough when I reached school, I got a sponsor for my education and this reduced my mum’s burden of looking after me.

Later, my father passed on and because he never love me, I was not told until I went home for holidays. However I pray to God to forgive him because he did not know that I am also useful. I am in a boarding school, and i am loved by my fellow children even those who are not disabled. My teachers are doing a lot of work to see that I am successful in my education.

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