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UNAPD works to achieve the following objectives:

  • Promotion of programmes for rehabilitation, full social integration, independent living and productivity of People with Physical Disabilities.
  • Creation of equal opportunities for People with Disabilities in general and People with Physical Disabilities in particular, in socio-economic development and decision making.
  • Creation of awareness among the general public, government authorities and disabled persons themselves, of the challenges and potentials of People with Physical Disabilities.
  • Advocacy for the full rights of People with Physical Disabilities to access medical, education, employment and all endeavour to improve on their quality of life.
  • Promotion of programmes for the prevention of disability, provision of appliances and other mobility aids.
  • Creation of a forum for mainstreaming, sharing and exchanging information relevant to People with Physical Disabilities.

UNAPD operates on the following principles:

  • Nothing for us without us: People with Physical Disabilities believe that they should be involved in all that is done about them and for them.
  • Unity of purpose: UNAPD members came together not just to associate but to attain, through joint action, the rights of Person with Disability in general and People with Physical Disability in particular.
  • Disability is not inability: The limitations of People with Physical Disabilities do not mean that they are less human beings or that they should be subjects of pity and alms. PWPDs can be useful to society if given opportunity.
  • Action for positive change: People with Physical Disabilities are sure that any changes in their interests can only come through concerted and united action.
  • The time is now: People with Physical Disabilities believe that the time for action for their full integration into the mainstream society is now.

UNAPD culture

A society cannot survive without a culture, composed of common values, beliefs and principles. UNAPD has developed a set of values, beliefs and principles that require not only members to believe but to live. In this way, the organisation will not only survive but members will grow with it.

Beliefs: UNAPD believes that PWPDs;

  • Have the potential to develop themselves.
  • Are contributors to development, not just consumers.
  • Have a role to play in national, regional and global development.
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