Nabaale Sub County By-Law on Accessibility, Mukono District

In an effort to promote the effective implementation of the Accessibility Standards at local level, UNAPD worked together with Nabaale Sub-County of Mukono District and developed the Bye-Law on Accessibility.

For details find attached the By-Law

Nabaale Subcounty By-Law on Accessibility, Mukono District

UNAPD Strategic Plan 2018-2022

To achieve its purpose, UNAPD has since undertaken a series of structural, policy and cultural transformations in response to the reality of her member’s existence and needs. All her programmes have been implemented through well thought and participatorily developed strategic and annual work plans. This 2018 – 2022 strategic plan is the fourth in a series of strategic plans that have shaped the organisation and its work. Over the years UNAPD’s work has also evolved from focusing on short term projects to long term programmes. This strategic plan too continues to pursue a programmatic approach to UNAPD’s work focusing on advocacy, networking and partnership building, inclusive education, Economic Empowerment, Inclusive Design/Accessibility as well as institutional and membership development.

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UNAPD Strategic Plan 2018-2022