Mukasa Apollo

Executive Director

He holds Masters in Human Rights and International Development, Degree in Humanities. Has over 13 years’ experience in disability rights advocacy, has been at the centre of all UNAPD efforts of policy change or influence on accessibility and Inclusive Education in Uganda, He spearheaded the process of developing the “Accessibility Standards”, begun the campaign of promoting inclusive designs/accessibility needs of PWDs through accessibility auditing for public/private structures and promoting the review of training curriculum of architects in high institutions of learnings, been at the centre of working with Ministry of Works and Transport towards the development of disability sensitive Building Control Act(2013) and related National Building Codes/Regulations, exposed UNAPD to several international conferences/forums such as UN Committee on Human Rights. He represents PWDs to the National Building Review Board, and Uganda National Commission for UNESCO. As a person with disability, is part of the strong disability movement which has positively promoted inclusive policies, programs, and laws in respect of PWDs rights and their personal empowerment at national and district levels. He oversees the day to day management of UNAPD and gives technical support to staff in order to realise the set objectives, targets and meet the expectations of the Board, beneficiaries/membership and Donors/Partners. Plays a key role in promoting the positive image of UNAPD and leads fundraising drive both national and international to ensure sustainability of organisation’s work national and internationally. Lastly, he is responsible to ensure that organisation’s policies, strategies and programs are realized in line with international legal instruments to positively impacts PWDs, and to the expectations of donors, stakeholders, and general public.
Email: Cell Phone: +256 752 945132

Vincent Kafeero

Program Manager

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Development, and Post Graduate Diplomas in Project Planning and Management, Monitoring and Evaluation. He possess over 10 years of experience in disability rights advocacy and has equally been part of UNAPD efforts towards the policy influence/development on Physical Accessibility and other human rights interventions. He is a person with disability and was part of the team which presented a petition to the Parliamentary Committee on Human rights to adopt the Accessibility Standards in the Building Control Bill before enacted into Law in 2013, very active in supporting government while developing inclusive policies e.g. Special Needs and Inclusive Education Policy, and spearhead the campaign for accessibility auditing of public/private facilities at both national and district level, which has led to improved positive response of the construction industry to construction accessible buildings/facilities for PWDs in Uganda.
Email: Cell Phone: +256 776 570774

Kintu Thadius

Finance and Administration Manager

He holds a Degree in Accounting and Finance, Certificate in Tally Accounting and QuickBooks packages and currently pursuing CPA, he carries over 6 years of working experience in finance and administration. He is a person with disability and a man behind UNAPD’s strong accounting and administration system, and responsible for transparent and efficient management of organisation funds to ensure value for money, ensuring financial audits are done in time.
Email: Cell Phone: +256 705 175508

Synole Patrick

Information & Advocacy Officer

He holds Master of Science in Software Engineering & Master of Arts in Strategic Intelligence Studies, Degree in Information Technology, Diploma in project planning & management. He is a Human Rights Activist and has over 10 years’ experience in Humanitarian Affairs and 4 years’ experience in disability rights advocacy and experienced in Institutional and Organization Development.
Email: Cell Phone: +256 772 331136

Opoti Scholastica Nakabugo

Senior Project Officer and Gender Focal Person

She holds Bachelor’s Degree in Democracy & Governance Studies, Diploma in Social work & Social Development. She is a person with disability with over 8 years’ experience in disability rights advocacy, inclusion and gender mainstreaming. She is the person behind the promotion of disability sports at UNAPD which has spread to different districts of Uganda, She is one of the few civilians who have successful worked with Rehabilitation Units of soldiers in Uganda to promote disability sports as a tool for rehabilitation for disabled soldiers.
Email: Cell Phone: +256 702 013711

Cherotwo Sailas

Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Officer

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Social Sciences, Post graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management and pursing a course in Administrative Law, he is a member of the Social Workers Association. He is a human rights Activist and Passionate about feminism and he is further strengthening UNAPD Monitoring and Evaluation System.
Email. . Cell Phone: +256777372481

Ademun Mariam

Project Officer SAAP

She Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Management, certificate in Project Planning and management, certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation. Has 8 years’ experience in Programme work, fundraising and advocacy in the area of community development initiatives. Miriam is passionate about issues concerning the girl child and has set for herself a mission to change the plight of girls especially girls with disability through empowerment and mentorship.
Email: Cell Phone: +256 782 779763

Kavuma George William


He holds a Degree in Commerce (Accounting Major) and pursuing CPA, carry over 5 years of experiences in accounting, finance and administration, and plays a key role in the management of project funds to ensure value for money, ensuring efficient and effective use of organisation funds and asset financial audits.
Email: Cell Phone: +256 700718270

Waiswa Charles Mugoya

Project Officer AIEP

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Social Administration from Uganda Christian University coupled with other additional trainings in Social Community approaches. He has over ten years progressive experience working for the social betterment of the most undeserved communities ranging from Orphans, Refugees, HIV victims and Persons living with Disabilities.

Email: Cell Phone: +256 757 243094

Nabbanja Faridah

Project Officer SRHRP

She holds a Master of Arts degree in Local Governance and Human Rights, Associate Bachelor of Arts Degree in Democracy and Development Studies from Uganda Martyrs University, Bachelor of Arts in Arts Degree from Makerere University Kampala. She has 12 years hand on working experience in community development work. She has special bias in the areas of disability inclusion and mainstreaming, economic social transformation of women through livelihood.
Email:, cell Phone: +256 782506138

Okumu Samuel

Account Assistant

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a post graduate diploma in tax administration. He is also a member of Association of Certified Chattered Accountants with over six years progressive experience working in finance offices and a consultant in computerised accounting systems..
Email: Cell Phone: +256 797324166

Nabadda Joyce Florence

Front Desk Officer

She holds a bachelors degree in Guidance and Counselling and a Certificate in Adult and Education from Kyambogo University. Has volunteered in different DPOs and has experience in project activities. Loves working and associating with all persons with disabilities
Email Cell Phone: +256 776 546113

Ssali Frank Richard


He holds an ordinary level certificate, a valid Ugandan driving licence with classes B, CM and DL. He holds an advanced defensive driving certificate from AAU driving school with over 14 years hands on working experience. He has worked with different organizations very versed with geographical context of Uganda, ability to drive long distances but most of all, poses high skills of vehicle maintenance. He is a human right activist and very sensitive of diversity and equity.
Email Cell Phone: 0703 289 937

Namigayo Irene

Welfare Officer

She holds a certificate in Tailoring, fashion and designing, hair dressing and basic computer applications. She is a person with disability with over 10 years’ experience of working with persons with disabilities at organisation and community level. She is para-athletes and disability rights advocate.
Email Cell Phone: +256 0704 752283

Nanduttu Alice

Project Assistant (Mbale)

She Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from Kampala International University and a Diploma in Law from Law Development Centre. She has experience on advocacy, local gov’t operating procedures, PWDs Rights Advocate and mobilisation. She is also a female PWD councillor Mbale District
Email Cell Phone: +256 0704 752283

Geriga Martin

Security Officer

He holds a certificate in Social Works and Social Administration, certificate in security with 4 years’ experience.
Email: Cell Phone: +256 773 246017

Opuwa Susan

Project Assistant (Pallisa)

She holds a Diploma in Cooperatives and Business Administration from Uganda Cooperative College Tororo.
She has technical experience and skills in office management, record keeping, financial accounting, report writing and data collection and ICT
Email: Cell Phone: +256 703 026538