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Project on Disability Response to COVID-19 in Uganda (June 2020 to December 2020) with Support from Caritas Norway

Project Description

This is a joint project with Caritas Uganda in the 3 districts of Nebbi, Dokolo and Aleptong which target the most vulnerable PWDs households. The project is a results of the current global COVID-19 pandemic, which have adversely affected PWDs.

The goal of this project is;

“effective inclusion of PWDs in on-going COVID-19 prevention and management interventions, post COVID-19 response by the national and district task forces in Northern Uganda, increased hygiene services for marginalised PWDs”.

Project objectives:

  • Increased equitable representation of PWDs in Alebtong, Dokolo and Nebbi districts and national COVID-19 taskforce
  • Improved access to hygiene services by 150 PWDs households in Alebtong, Dokolo and Nebbi districts as preventive measure to COVID-19
  • Improved post-recovery support to PWDs in Alebtong, Dokolo and Nebbi districts.
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