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Building Strategic Alliance for Disability Rights In Uganda (SAAP) 2018 – 2020

Project Description

With support from our Danish partners Dansk Handicap For bund (DHF) and Para-sport Denmark (PD), UNAPD secured funds to implement a two-year project titled “Building Strategic Alliance for Disability Rights in Uganda” which will focus on three thematic areas and Livelihoods being one of them. The project is to use a strategy of building a broad coalition of DPOs/CSOs in the above three thematic areas in order to improve the lives of PWDs. At the end of the projects, one of the key outputs from the coalitions/caucuses will be a United Disability policy on Livelihood and Disability Sports, among others.

Livelihoods: One of the UNCRPD recommendations to government in 2016 was: “State party, should Adopt a strategy and incentive measures to facilitate access to the open labor market for persons with disabilities, in particular youth and women, including through the provision of training and accessible information on job vacancies; and ensure that persons with disabilities receive equal pay for work of equal value”. Different stakeholders including DPOs have implemented several livelihood interventions aimed at benefiting PWDs at different levels. However, gaining access to Poverty Alleviation Programs which caters for the informal sector that employs most Ugandans is a major challenge for PWDs in Uganda. Most programs are administered at District level by District Development Offices in which PWDs are often mentioned as part of the target group for these programs but are not included in plans and indicators. The situation is not much different from the formal sector as well.

The above three thematic analysis motivated the design of this project for the DPOs/CSOs to work together in “an Alliance Building Spirit”

Project goal

Improved quality of life of Persons with Disabilities in Uganda through Alliance Building with DPOs, CSOs, private and governmental actors for physical accessibility, disability sports and secure livelihoods for PWDs.

Objective of the Socio-Economic Rights and Livelihoods Component

  • Building a broad coalition of DPOs/CSOs for improved livelihoods among PWDs. The coalition will develop a united policy platform to secure livelihoods among PWDs and will promote formal and informal sector employment of PWDs among relevant government, business and civil society stakeholders.
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