Day of the African Child commemorations 2017

As Uganda commemorates the Day of the African child on 16th June 2015, Uganda National Action on Physical Disability (UNAPD) joins the rest of the world in raising awareness on equal rights, opportunities of Children with Disabilities (CWDs) to access inclusive education. CWDs have a fundamental right to education. Without education, CWDs cannot fully realize their potentials like other children.

This year Theme “sustainable development in 2030: Strengthen protection and equal opportunities for children”, There this year’s commemoration provides a unique moment to reflect upon the special challenges faced by CWDs in Africa, and very especially to reaffirm the commitment to safeguard their rights at all times.

Growing efforts have been deployed by countries in Africa to enhance the protection of CWDs, including from the risk of violence. The life of CWDs is surrounded by stigma, discrimination and prejudice, and deep invisibility. It is also marked by violence, neglect, injury, segregation and exploitation.

For families of CWDs, heavy demands and enhanced stress, lack of social and medical support, weak access to information on relevant services and entitlements, and a deep sense of isolation aggravates high level of Vulnerability of CWDs within the household

Many of the leading causes of disability in Africa are preventable. Hence, in addition to strengthening the protection of CWDs, efforts to prevent disability should also be at the centre of national action.

UNAPD calls upon the Government of Uganda to ensure effective implementation of international/national instruments for the protection of CWDs in particular and Children in general as we move towards achieving sustainable development in 2030.

Happy Day of the African Child commemorations 2017