Budget Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities in Soroti District

Before UNAPD’s  intervention with support from Open Society initiative for Eastern Africa (OSIEA) in the sub counties of Gweri, Katine and Tubur in Soroti district, there was no accessibility provisions e.g. ramps on the entrances of the sub county headquarters council hall, PWDs were being left out of the planning and budgeting processes, budgets were being approved at the sub counties without being  scrutinized by standing committees among others, But  now with intensive work with local government budget advocacy, there are dividends being realized such as accessibility provisions in place at the sub County headquarters as well as allocations of budget for PWDs activities e.g. at Katine Sub County where in the approved 2018/2019 budget, there is allocation to train 3 PWDs from each parish from the six parishes into income generating activities, increase in the disability Vote among others.

With the formation of Vocal Budget Advocacy Committee (VBAC) at the sub counties, there has been great improvement in data collection of PWDs plus documentation of the issues affecting them as they prepare to start the 2019/2020 budget cycle. Many thanks to the political and technical leadership of the sub counties as we push to leaving no one behind in our planning and budgeting processes. However, the struggle still continues with VBAC to vigorously engage the budget committees at different levels to ensure involvement of PWDs and integration of disability needs in plans and budgets. Big thanks to the District Speaker and team for walking the talk. Gratitude to OSIEA for the supporting this intervention in Soroti and Hoima districts.

#Againstallbarriers #LeaveNoBehind