UNAPD membership comprises three broad categories: the Ordinary Members, Founder Members and Associate Members.

Ordinary Members consist of District Associations of people with physical disability, Founder Members, Individual Persons with physical disabilities and National Associations of different categories of physical disabilities. All of these have voting powers and eligible for election.

Honorary Members consist of personalities with distinguished support to UNAPD. They may also be spouses, parents, children, relatives or friends of PWPDs. A person becomes an Honorary Member on recommendation of the Board and approval of the General Assembly.

Associate Members is for non-governmental organisations serving persons with disabilities and contributing to the realisation of UNAPD Vision and Mission.

Why become a member?

UNAPD members enjoy various rights, benefits, privileges and obligations:


Members have a right to:

  • Stand for any elective post at sub-county, district or national level.
  • Benefit from UNAPDs programmes and activities at all levels.
  • Access information regarding development programmes,  activities of their Association, and disability.
  • Withdraw from the organisation.


Members’ benefit from:

  • Information from sub-county, district, national and international levels.
  • Capacity building in order to gain skills in planning and management of the groups and Associations, lobbying and advocacy, networking and linkage to potential development partners.
  • National programmes of UNAPD.
  • Project support where possible.
  • Procurement of appliances and equipment where possible.
  • Information for referral services.


Members are obliged to:

  • Pay membership and Subscription fees.
  • Uphold and promote the Vision, Values and Aspirations of UNAPD.
  • Participate in development activities.
  • Uphold good governance and accountability in the Associations.