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The Wings Project

The project supported the development of four Wings – Youth, Women’s, Persons with Rheumatism and Polio Survivors’ Wings – within UNAPD, and widely disseminated information and research about polio survivors and persons with rheumatism. The project promoted participation of the Wings in UNAPD activities, strengthened the organisation’s advocacy initiatives as well as promoting the Wings’ […]

Uganda Brain Injury Support Project (UBSIP)

This was a two-year project (2007-2009) with a goal of increasing awareness on the rights of People with Acquired Brain Injury (PWABIs) and the challenges of Brain Injury among central and local government, civil society and local communities in Kampala District. The project succeeded in sensitising duty bearers and communities on prevention of Brain Injury […]

Capacity Building and Accessibility Project

One of the major outcomes of this project was the development of Accessibility Standards, a booklet that provides for guidelines to be followed to construct physical facilities that are accessible by all people including persons with disability. It was a three-year project (2008-2010) aimed at building the capacity and empowering Persons with Physical Disabilities, UNAPD […]

Accessible and Inclusive Schools Project for Children with Disability

The Accessible and Inclusive Schools for Children with Disability Project was implement from 2011-2013 in Kapchorwa and Masaka districts. The goal of the project was to make People with Physical Disabilities enjoy equal rights in all aspects of life and mainstreamed in the national and local level development programs. The project registered tremendous success in […]

Membership Empowerment Project

This was a three-year project (2011-2013) with a goal of enabling persons with physical disabilities enjoy equal rights in all aspects of life and are included equally into development programs and projects. The project resulted into increased advocacy capacity of the staff, board and members in the areas of accessibility and access of people with […]

Local Branch Empowerment Project

This was UNAPD’s first major project and was supported by the Dansk Handcap Forband. Through the project, UNAPD was able to mobilise people with physical disabilities and formed associations. The project also built the capacity of members, staff and board in areas of lobbying, advocacy, leadership and group dynamics. It was implement from 2005-2007 in […]

UNAPD gets new Board

By James Mwandha Chairman UNAPD On December 29, 2009, members of UNAPD held a General Assembly (GA) where they elected a new Board of Directors to lead them in the next four years (2010-2014). At the same occasion, members approved a new UNAPD’s Constitution and Strategic Plan 2010-2015. The 2nd General Assembly was held at […]

What people say about Accessibility Standards

With the introduction of Accessibility Standards, those participating in the construction industry must observe the Standards in new constructions and as much as possible during reconstruction and renovation of existing structures. I call upon the designers of physical infrastructure to utilize them so as to ensure persons with disabilities equal access to the various services. […]

Accessiblity Standards launched

UNAPD members and partners were all smiles on May 27, 2010 as the organisation launched Accessibility Standards at Grand Imperial Hotel, Kampala. The atmosphere was orange and grey as many of guests at the launch were dressed in orange and grey T-shirts with messages: “Make buildings and other facilities accessible to PWDs”. The Chief Guest […]

Pain and suffering

I wish to share with you about a strange challenging condition called arthritis. Arthritis is a broad term referring to a disease that causes a lot of pain in the joints and muscles. It has many types among which is rheumatic arthritis. Rheumatic arthritis  is a serious disabling condition marked with fever and pain in muscles […]