UNAPD works on the following focus areas:

Membership and Organisational development:

UNAPD mobilises and registers persons with physical disability to form associations and builds their capacity in lobbying and advocacy for their rights at the district and national level.

Livelihood and economic Empowerment:

UNAPD engages persons with physical disability and their families in viable and sustainable economic activities by sensitising them about various possible options, use of appropriate technologies and linkages to strategic partners in development. We lobby government and development agencies to mainstream persons with physical disability in all development programmes at local and national level.

Advocacy and policy Influence:

We advocate for the rights of persons with physical disability through influencing policy, advocating for social change, transformation of public perceptions and attitudes towards persons with physical disabilities, among others.

Capacity building:

UNAPD empowers persons with physical disabilities with skills, knowledge and strategic connections to be able to come out from their marginalised and disadvantaged situation to normal and prosperous life in the community. We build self-esteem and confidence of persons with physical disabilities which were hampered by the society because of negative attitudes. We expose persons with physical disabilities to learning opportunities through formal and informal ways in the communities.

Rehabilitation and Healthcare:

Majority of persons with physical disability in Uganda are living miserable and unproductive lives because they have not got access to rehabilitation services, corrective surgery or medical treatment.  UNAPD works to avail opportunities for persons with physical disability to access rehabilitation and health care services in the existing institutions through tailored made  projects that specifically targets them.

Fundraising and Resource mobilisation:

We carry out activities to raise funds for strategic development initiatives of the organisation using the existing fundraising strategy.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

We track and document progress about the organisation’s activities using the existing M&E system and communicate accordingly to the members, partners and stakeholders in a consistent, reliable and appropriate manner.

Gender, Youth and Child development and Inclusive Education:

UNAPD endeavors to mainstream gender issues in all the development programs of UNAPD by ensuring not only inclusion in all our activities but also considering the needs on girls, boys, women and men.