Uganda Brain Injury Support Project (UBSIP)

This was a two-year project (2007-2009) with a goal of increasing awareness on the rights of People with Acquired Brain Injury (PWABIs) and the challenges of Brain Injury among central and local government, civil society and local communities in Kampala District.
The project succeeded in sensitising duty bearers and communities on prevention of Brain Injury and rehabilitation of PWABIs. Five Self-Help Groups were formed, facilitated and empowered as foundations for community action on issues of PWABIs, and now spearhead community advocacy and linkage with various social service providers. The SHG were registered as Community Based Organisations. The project was sponsored by the Danish Brain Injury Association (DBIA).

  • Dr ssendikadiwa charles

    Thanks for the work done. Is it possible to have the objectives of SHG in Uganda and their location?

    • Patrick

      Hello Dr Charles, thanks for appreciating our work, are u meaning Self-help Groups?