Raising profile of PWDs in situations of risk and humanitarian emergencies in line with article 11 of the UNCRPD

January 2016 – December 2016

The issue of climate change is increasingly important in Uganda and UNAPD recognizes that PWDs are especially vulnerable to the impact of climate change and plans to ensure that this project addresses this vulnerability; the project is supported by Disability Rights Fund (DRF). Currently UNAPD has 5,449 registered female and male individuals scattered around the different regions of the country including Bugisu sub region. Most of these members are settled in rural mountainous areas; either depends on subsistence or commercial agriculture for their survival to improve on their household income in their rural settings. In recent years, Bugisu sub region where UNAPD’s district associations of Mbale, Sironko and Bududa are located, has suffered deadly landslides triggered by heavy rains, leaving scores dead and destroying homes and gardens of people including those of PWDs. Government of Uganda tried to respond by relocating the locals, but due to logistical challenges, vulnerability, fears of losing their ancestry, many of the locals including those with disabilities did not move and are still trapped in the prone cages of the disaster. PWDs have suffered greatly due to effects of the climate change because there is no clear mechanism by government and private actors to raise profile of PWDs in situations of risk and humanitarian emergencies as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD), Article 11 which states that ‘State Parties are required to take , in accordance with their obligations under international law, including international humanitarian law and international human rights law, all necessary measures to ensure the protection and safety of persons with disabilities in situations of risk, including situations of armed conflict, humanitarian emergencies and the occurrence of natural disasters’. The UNCRPD and its Optional Protocol was signed by Uganda on 30th March 2007 and ratified on 25th September 2008 without reservations.

It is important to note that Natural disasters cause accessibility challenges to PWDs in the regions where they occur which affects PWDs full participation in society. For example the landslides that happened in June 2012 in Bunakasala parish Bududa district, left in its wake huge land gaps that cover a surface of about 35-45 meters. Such gaps are a huge challenge to visually impairment people as well as the physically disabled when it comes to mobility. Huge swathes of rocks were swept downwards when the landslides struck and this not only blocked/covered pathways but led to destruction of homes, crops, water sources, vegetables and livestock in the area thus hampering survival of residents including those with disabilities. According to the Uganda Red Cross, this heavy landslide in June 2012 occurred after a two-day downpour, 08 people went missing, 09 were injured, and 72 survived and 15 houses were buried. Despite of this information, there is no clear mention on what happened to residents with disability or how many disabilities occurred or were registered as result of the environment challenge. Although it is claimed that some residents were able to vacate in time partly in response to a distress call from fellow residents at the pinnacle of the hill, many PWDs were not able due to communication challenges for the deaf and deaf-blind as well as mobility problems for the visually impaired and physically challenged people among other disabilities.

It is against this background context based on the human rights that UNAPD desires to intervene in Bugisu sub region to try to address the plight of over 300 PWDs residents in times of disaster so that they can live a good life any other citizen. In particular UNAPD wants to conduct a baseline survey to establish the situation of PWDs in disaster prone areas of Bugisu sub region, hold a one day workshop to disseminate the survey findings and seek stakeholders inputs, print and disseminate copies of the survey report in electronic and print media, Partner with the media to raise awareness on the needs and challenges of PWDs in disaster prone areas and train PWDs in disaster prone areas on human rights and equip them with advocacy skills to demand for their  rights during situations of risk and disaster and inclusion in climate change programs in the region.

JOB Opportunity

Uganda National Action on Physical Disability (UNAPD) is an umbrella organization of Persons With Physical Disabilities (PWPDs) formed in 1998 by groups of PWPDs with the aim of uniting PWPDs, advocating for their rights, fulfilling gaps that were existing in the representation of PWPDs, fighting marginalization, educating themselves on their rights and forming a Unified Voice that can uplift their standard of living. UNAPD visualizes a society where PWPDs are living dignified and productive lives. UNAPD exist to remove barriers that prevent PWPDs from enjoying their full rights in the society. Vision: “A society where people with physical disabilities are accorded rights enjoyed by all citizens” Mission: “To remove barriers in society that prevents PWPDs from enjoying full rights on an equal basis with other citizens”.

UNAPD wishes to recruit a Senior Projects Officer to help her in fundraising, project identification, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Post Title:     Senior Projects Officer

Reports to:   Projects Coordinator

Job purpose

Provide overall supplementary projects coordination, fundraising, project identification, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of project activities to ensure realization of its objectives


  • Coordinate the projects activities as may be assigned by the supervisor from time to time.
  • Implement the project activities such as membership mobilization, lobbying and advocacy, capacity building , networking to ensure improvement in the living conditions of PWPDs in the targeted districts.
  • Identify the relevant stakeholders who can contribute to the successful implementation of the projects.
  • Write project reports to be shared with the coordinator.
  • Develop training materials to be used during the training sessions of the members.
  • Identify the right consultants to take on the development of relevant tools to be used in the project.
  • Ensure timely utilization of project funds according to the project budget lines.
  • Undertake advocacy and promotion of the project in liaison with project stakeholders
  • Network with different stakeholders in order to influence them to promote the right of PWPDs
  • Lobby Government and other relevant stakeholders with the aim of mainstreaming PWPDs in the government policies and programmes.
  • Supervise the project officers to ensure timely and successful implementation of the activities as per their job descriptions.
  • Review the project work plans and budgets annually and share the reviewed documents with the partners.
  • Monitor the progress of the project activities in the targeted districts.
  • Create opportunity for continuous learning and sharing of information among the members.
  • Submit timely work plans, budgets, quarterly and annual reports to the partners.
  • Undertake efforts for local, national and international fundraising to ensure continuity of the on-going project and new projects.


  • Hons degree in Development studies, Education, Social Sciences or an equivalent
  • At least 4 years working experience in project management.
  • Ability to use software applications such as word, Access, power point and excel
  • Skills in fundraising and proposal development.
  • Wide knowledge in disability integration, physical accessibility and strategies for Inclusive development.
  • Knowledge of disability and human rights is an added advantage
  • Should be within the age of  20 – 28 years
  • Ladies  with Physical Disabilities  are encouraged to apply

About the Job offer

ü  The successful person will be employed on a contract basis renewable upon satisfactory performance and extension of the project period.

ü  The job attracts a gross salary subject to statutory deductions.

ü  The officer will be entitled to a health insurance cover for the period of your contract.

ü  The official working hours are; Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 am to 5:00pm

ü  The officer will be entitled to annual leave of 30 calendar days taken in accordance with a pre- determined leave rosta

Suitable persons can send applications and detailed CVs with academic qualifications to the following address by 15th of January, 2016.

Executive Director

Uganda National Action on Physical Disability (UNAPD)

P.O. BOX 959, Kampala

Email: edunapd@unapd.org/mukas20032000@unapd.org

The UNAPD Updates Volume 1 2015

Hello Stakeholders, Development Partners, Colleagues.

I am glad to share with you Volume 1 of “The UNAPD Update” 2015, a newsletter for Uganda National Action on Physical Disability (UNAPD) attached.

It is a forum of members, stakeholders and partners to share views, feelings, comments, experiences and updates about key issues in UNAPD and disability.

The UNAPD Updates Volume 1 2015


I am glad to share with you issue 2 of “The UNAPD Update” 2014, a newsletter for Uganda National Action on Physical Disability (UNAPD) attached.

It is a forum of members, stakeholders and partners to share views, feelings, comments, experiences and updates about key issues in UNAPD and disability. This time around we include our partner organizations; Spinal Injury Association of Uganda (SIA) and Brain Injury Support Organization of Uganda (BISOU)



Volunteer Position

Uganda National Action on Physical Disability (UNAPD) was established in 1998 by Persons with Physical Disabilities (PWPDs) for the purpose of coming together to create a common voice in airing their views, challenges, advocate for their rights, dignity, and development needs.

UNAPD envisions a society where “People with Physical Disabilities are accorded rights enjoyed by all citizens”. UNAPD is, therefore, committed   to the Mission of “removing barriers in society that prevent PWPDs from enjoying their full rights”

UNAPD is seeking for PWPDs to Volunteer, details are as below.

Job Type     Volunteer Position

Desired Start Date:  23rd Nov 2015


The Volunteer is a position of six months’ duration. Volunteers are assigned to work in the designated project or tasks. The volunteers are expected to work full-time and to be present in UNAPD head office. This is an unpaid position.


  • Must be a physically disabled person
  • English being the official language, the volunteer must be fluent in both oral and written English.
  • Preferable a degree holder in development field.
  • Experience of working with different disabilities
  • A background in project discipline
  • Ability to prepare high-quality written submissions.
  • A positive attitude and sensitive manner when dealing with clients including a range of interviewing skills for dealing with challenging scenarios and passion for walking with CWDs.
  • A mature work ethic.
  • Ability to organize, multi-task and prioritize workload in order to adequately meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment while working with limited resources.

Reports to   Senior Project Officer

Only short listed candidates will be contacted. Interested and suitable candidates should send their cover letter and CV including three referees to our online address info@unapd.org/edunapd@unapd.org not later than 1500hrs 10th Nov 2015.

The UNAPD Update Vol 1 Issue 2 2015

The UNAPD UPDATE Vol 1 Issue 2 2015

I am glad to share with you Volume 1 Issue 2 of “The UNAPD Update” 2015, a newsletter for Uganda National Action on Physical Disability (UNAPD) attached.

It is a forum of members, stakeholders and partners to share views, feelings, comments, experiences and updates about key issues in UNAPD and disability in general.

This edition focuses on the concluded Co-creation Workshop which main focus has been constructing a universal design accessible latrine prototype at Kyambogo Primary School.

The Project involved several stakeholders ranging from Ministries, Architects, Engineers, NGOs, Academia, Inclusive Designers, UNAPD Board, among others. The main output was a prototype of accessible latrine for CWDs and the project idea is hoped to be adopted by the Ministry of Education ad Sports in the construction drawing of latrines in schools across the country

Comments are highly appreciated.


UNAPD with support from the Disability Rights Advocacy Fund (DRAF) is implementing the Accessibility Improvement Project Making Uganda Accessible for all through operationalizing the CRPD and the Philosophy of Universal Design’ in Kampala and Mukono districts aimed at improving physical accessibility to private and public buildings.

Tomorrow 17th April 2015 UNAPD team will be in Mukono for the induction of PWDs, political and technical leaders of Nabaale Sub-county on the Accessibility improvement project especially development of an ordinance on accessibility.

World Day against Child Labour & International Day of the African child

In respect to World Day against Child Labour, 12 June 2015 and in Commemoration of the Day of the African child on 16th June 2015

 As Uganda marks the World Day Against Child Labour on 12th June 2015 and commemorates the Day of the African child on 16th June 2015, Uganda National Action on Physical Disability (UNAPD) joins the rest of the world in raising awareness on equal rights, opportunities of CWDs to access inclusive and accessible education. Children with Disabilities (CWDs) have a fundamental right to education. Without education, CWDs cannot fully realize their potentials like other children.

End Child marriage because it has disturbing and long term effects such as health, education, psychological, emotional, mental etc on the life and the future of a girl child.

Stop child labour, ensure free, compulsory and quality education from accessible and inclusive schools settings to all CWDs including; deaf, blind, physical, little children/people, deaf blind, epilepsy, albinos, mental health etc. by constructing accessible facilities such as latrines, ramps, wide doors, train teachers in child to child education approach, encourage sign language training, avoid nick naming of CWDs, give CWDs scholastic materials, Braille education materials, procure accessible furniture etc

Design strategies to ensure that national policies on child labour and education are consistent and effective in line with respect to the rights of disabled children. Additionally develop policies that ensure access to quality education and investment in the teaching profession with special focus to CWDs.

This message targets government, development partners, traditional and religious leaders, architects, engineers and contractors, owners of schools, parents, care givers, fellow pupils/students, community leaders and general public.

 End Child marriage, NO to child labour – YES to quality education!


UNAPD gets new board (2014-2017)

A team of nine people have been elected to steer UNAPD to better heights in the next four years following a vote that saw former chairman Arthur Blick re-elected unopposed.

Others re-elected unopposed are Elizabeth Kayanga (Vice Chairperson), Ark Goffin Azuma (Treasurer) and Opira Fabiano (Northern Region rep).

The General Assembly (G.A.) took place at Community Based Rehabilitation Alliance (COMBRA) in Seeta, Muko district from December 6-7, 2013. The G.A comprise of over 120 delegates from districts, founder members, representatives of organisations of specific categories of people with physical disability, representatives of Disabled Peoples Organisation, representatives of the national Electoral Commission, and partners, among others.

Fierce competition was for the position of Women Representative that attracted five strong women: Jane Alum (eventual winner), Peace Sserunkuma, Anne Kobusingye, Harriet Zansanze and Ann Mary Nabwire (former Eastern Region rep). The position was hitherto occupied by Kayanga but moved on to Vice Chairperson, replacing Blick who filled in the position of Chairman following the death of Hon. James Mwanda in 2010. Mwandha served only one year on his term before his death.

“On a sad note, I officially inform the General Assembly that the former chairperson, Hon. James Mwandha, passed on and I was therefore completing his term of office. This makes me eligible for election to the position of chairman,” Blick said in his opening remarks at the G.A.

Board_unapd 2014-2017

UNAPD constitution allows a Board member to serve for only two terms.

The position of Youth Representative was also very competitive among six candidates namely Alice Nandutu (eventual winner), Moses Wagidoso, Evarest Mucunguzi,  Joseph Baguma and  Stephen Muhumuza.

Mpindi Bumali was also re-elected to the position of Central Region after trouncing Abdu Sebagala while Abdu Nasser Muckassa also beat Salama Kintu to take over the Eastern Region slot.

The elections saw four new faces on the Board and three former members either lost or did not contest. New faces include Alice Nandutu,  Ann Kobusingye, Abdu Nasser Muckassa and Jane Alum. Ann Mary Nabwire lost while Miriam Kiconco and Chrispin Oketchogara did not contest

Full list of new Board Members (2014-2017)

No Name Position District
1 Arthur Blick Chairperson Mukono
2 Elizabeth Kayanga Vice chairperson Iganga
3 Candria A. Goffin Treasurer Kampala
4 Alum Jane Women Representative Soroti
5 Nandutu Alice Youth Representative Mbale
6 Abdu Nasser Muckassa Rep Eastern Region Palissa
7 Mpindi Bumali Rep Central Region Kampala
8 Fabiano Opiira Rep Northern Region Nebbi
9 Ann Kobusingye Rep Western Region Kabaale