UNAPD gets new board (2014-2017)

A team of nine people have been elected to steer UNAPD to better heights in the next four years following a vote that saw former chairman Arthur Blick re-elected unopposed.

Others re-elected unopposed are Elizabeth Kayanga (Vice Chairperson), Ark Goffin Azuma (Treasurer) and Opira Fabiano (Northern Region rep).

The General Assembly (G.A.) took place at Community Based Rehabilitation Alliance (COMBRA) in Seeta, Muko district from December 6-7, 2013. The G.A comprise of over 120 delegates from districts, founder members, representatives of organisations of specific categories of people with physical disability, representatives of Disabled Peoples Organisation, representatives of the national Electoral Commission, and partners, among others.

Fierce competition was for the position of Women Representative that attracted five strong women: Jane Alum (eventual winner), Peace Sserunkuma, Anne Kobusingye, Harriet Zansanze and Ann Mary Nabwire (former Eastern Region rep). The position was hitherto occupied by Kayanga but moved on to Vice Chairperson, replacing Blick who filled in the position of Chairman following the death of Hon. James Mwanda in 2010. Mwandha served only one year on his term before his death.

“On a sad note, I officially inform the General Assembly that the former chairperson, Hon. James Mwandha, passed on and I was therefore completing his term of office. This makes me eligible for election to the position of chairman,” Blick said in his opening remarks at the G.A.

Board_unapd 2014-2017

UNAPD constitution allows a Board member to serve for only two terms.

The position of Youth Representative was also very competitive among six candidates namely Alice Nandutu (eventual winner), Moses Wagidoso, Evarest Mucunguzi,  Joseph Baguma and  Stephen Muhumuza.

Mpindi Bumali was also re-elected to the position of Central Region after trouncing Abdu Sebagala while Abdu Nasser Muckassa also beat Salama Kintu to take over the Eastern Region slot.

The elections saw four new faces on the Board and three former members either lost or did not contest. New faces include Alice Nandutu,  Ann Kobusingye, Abdu Nasser Muckassa and Jane Alum. Ann Mary Nabwire lost while Miriam Kiconco and Chrispin Oketchogara did not contest

Full list of new Board Members (2014-2017)

No Name Position District
1 Arthur Blick Chairperson Mukono
2 Elizabeth Kayanga Vice chairperson Iganga
3 Candria A. Goffin Treasurer Kampala
4 Alum Jane Women Representative Soroti
5 Nandutu Alice Youth Representative Mbale
6 Abdu Nasser Muckassa Rep Eastern Region Palissa
7 Mpindi Bumali Rep Central Region Kampala
8 Fabiano Opiira Rep Northern Region Nebbi
9 Ann Kobusingye Rep Western Region Kabaale


Discussion with Sven on policy issues of the joint project, “Capacity Building for Sustainable Development Joint Project”

The Presidents of SIA, UNAPD and BISOU in a discussion with Sven on policy issues of the joint project on monday at UNAPD Headquarters.



As the Capacity Building for Sustainable Dev’t Joint Project revolves, its partners i.e SIA, UNAPD and BISOU combine efforts to develop some of the management tools which will guide the smooth implementation of the project in the five days workshop held at UNAPD Headquarters. Among these tools are; the trust fund guidelines, implementation guidelines, M&E System, among others and these sessions are facilitated by Sven from DHF



Accessibility Improvement Project launched

Unapd Grand imperial Lunch

On 7th May, 2014, UNAPD officially launched the Accessibility Improvement Project funded by DRF at Grand Imperial Hotel. Several stakeholders attended the function and special thanks goes out to all those who spared their valuable time to witness the occasion.

The main aim of this project hinges on efforts to raise awareness about the Building Control Act(2013) which guides the construction industry and to ensure that the while the Ministry of Works and Transports develops the regulations for the Act, the Accessibility needs of PWDs are well incorporated.

Among the Action Points agreed upon by stakeholders to enable the project achieve its main aim include but not limited to; commitment of stakeholders to the cause of the project, there is need to push the Minister of Works and Transport to officially declare the Building Control Act operational, and UNAPD to work closely with the Ministry Justice and Constitutional Affairs to ensure the Accessibility Standards are incorporated in the Regulations for the Act, need to ensure that the National Accessibility Audit Team be backed by the legal framework to have the full powers of supervising the accessibility needs of PWDs across the board

Capacity Building for Sustainable Development Project-CBSDP Launch

Capacity Building for Sustainable Development Project-CBSDP was officially launched on the 16th June 2014 at Hotel Africana. The four year partnership Project (2014 – 2017) is being implemented by 4 organisations namely UNAPD, BISOU, SIA and UPC and will cover 16 districts of Uganda

The project address several concerns for PWDs including access to schools by CWDs, rehabilitative healthcare, Disability sports, organisation development among others, several stakeholders blessed this colourful event across line ministries, DPOs, CSO, Governmental organs, Partner membership, media among others.

The major message of the launch is transparency, teamwork, networking among partners and stakeholders as we strive to make the lives of PWDs in the society more independent and desirable.

Thanks to all those who spared their valuable time to attend the function

Group Photo during CBSDP Launch

Group Photo during CBSDP Launch

Commemoration of the Day of the African Child (DAC) 16th June 2014

As Uganda joins the rest of Africa to commemorate the Day of the African Child (DAC) on 16th June every year, Uganda National Action on Physical Disability (UNAPD) enhances her campaign on raising awareness on equal rights, opportunities of Children with Disabilities (CWDs) to access primary or elementary education. African children include those with disabilities and they have a fundamental right to education, without education, CWDs cannot fully realize their potentials like other children.

Make schools accessible and inclusive to all CWDs including the deaf, blind, physical, little children/people, deaf-blind, epilepsy, albinos, mental health etc) by constructing facilities such as latrines, ramps, wide doors, train teachers in sign language interpretation, avoid nick naming of CWDs, give CWDs scholastic materials, Braille education materials, procure accessible furniture in creating a barrier free physical environment in Uganda etc

This message targets government, development partners, architects, engineers, contractors, schools administrators, owners of schools, parents, care givers, fellow pupils/students, community and general public and is brought you by UNAPD located at Kanyanya Gayaza road on Namasole road. For more information on how to make schools accessible call 0414-692403 Email: info@unapd.org


Training Advisor

Capacity Building for Sustainable Development Project is a 4year (2014-2017)joint project being implemented by partners namely; Uganda National Action on Physical Disability (UNAPD), Spinal Injury Association of Uganda (SIA), Uganda National Paralympics Committee (UPC) and Brian Support Organization of Uganda (BISOU). One of its components is a joint training program for Organizational Development. The project seeks to recruit a Training Advisor to support the training program.

The Training Advisor will support the Coordination Committee of the project with advice on the implementation of the Joint Training Component of the project.  The main purpose of the Training Advisor will be to backstop the Training Program, ensuring cohesiveness of planning and quality of implementation. The functions concentrate on support to planning and advice at the national level, and quality control and methodological development at the activity level. There may be some direct involvement in Training of Trainers, but the main focus of work will be advisory. However this is going to be on part time arrangement.

Qualifications needed:

Proven experience in developing and delivering OD training to participants with low academic skills.

  • A Masters  in Humanities
  • Capacity to manage training programs.
  • Experience with the disability sector is a plus.

 Information and Advocacy Officer

Uganda National Action on Physical Disability (UNAPD) is an umbrella organization of Persons with Physical Disabilities. (PWPDs) formed in 1998 by groups of PWPDs with the aim of uniting PWPDs, advocating for their rights, fulfilling gaps that were existing in the representation of PWPDs, fighting marginalization, educating themselves on their rights and forming association that can uplift their standard of living. UNAPD is a legally recognized voice drawing national and local attention to the removal of barriers which prevent PWPDs from enjoying their full rights. The organization works to ensure that PWPDs live in an environment that provides space for their rights and development to a level that allows them to contribute meaningfully to local and national development.

Job Purpose

To manage information generated within UNAPDs’ systems and to facilitate the sharing of that information with the memebrship, stakeholders and partners, support UNAPDs’ advocacy activities for the attainment of rights of persons with Physical disabiliities

Key result areas

  • UNAPD Website updated with relevant information on a quarterly basis.
  • UNAPD UPDATE the bi- monthly newsletter timely published
  • Resource materials for training, publicity, advocacy or general awareness raising on disability issues developed, produced and updated as need arises
  • A tidy and well managed Resource Centre with all resource materials carefully protected and safely used.
  • Well managed and accessible data bases of stakeholders and any other information relevant to UNAPD
  • All membership cards produced in a timely manner.
  • Quality Proposals raised and submitted to potential donors


Degree in mass communication with 3-4 years experience in working with NGOs

Experience in disability work will be an added advantage

Capacity to handle advocacy programs

Experience in right based approaches

Experience in the use of Adobe CS packages

Only candidates who meet the requirements of these positions will be considered for interviews

Only short listed will candidates will be contacted. Interested and suitable candidates should send their cover letter and CV including three referees to our online address info@unapd.org not later than 1500hrs on 26th May 2014.

UN awards UNAPD’s Accessibility Standards

The National Accessibility Standards developed by UNAPD have won a United Nations award; the Innovative Policy 2014. Below is a press statement from the UN:

Kampala/Geneva/Vienna, 27th February 2014:

Uganda’s “Mandatory Accessibility Standards” were today awarded the title “Innovative Policy 2014”at the United Nations Office at Vienna. The policy was highlighted at an international summit on accessibility with more than 400 experts on accessibility and disability from around world, for being an important start in enforcing an accessible environment for all persons, including persons with disabilities.

In many countries in the Global South, accessibility standards do not exist. In the few countries where they exist, they are very often not legally binding, not enforced and not monitored. Uganda is among the first sub-Saharan countries to have developed their own accessibility standards.

As a result, they are already mandatory for school construction projects, have been adopted by the Uganda Society of Architects, and are basis for accessibility auditing and court cases. For these remarkable achievements, Uganda’s “Mandatory Accessibility Standards” have been awarded today the title “Innovative Policy 2014” by the Zero Project, an international initiative that works For a World Without Barriers.

Under the motto “No one can enjoy a human right to which one does not have access,” the Zero Project has researched 69 practice and policy solutions that have demonstrated their success in overcoming access barriers that hinder persons with disabilities to go to a mainstream school, take a bus and use the Internet. To exchange and spread these best practices, more than 400 leading parliamentarians, NGO and foundation representatives, academics, and activists of the disability rights movement have gathered at the third Zero Project Conference held on February 27 and 28th at UN Vienna.

The Zero Project

The Zero Project was initiated by the Essl Foundation in 2010. It is run in partnership with the World Future Council since 2011 and with the European Foundation Centre since 2013. The vision of the Zero Project is to work for a world without barriers, according to the principles and articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). It does so by researching Innovative Practices and Innovative Polices worldwide that help to improve the lives of persons with disabilities, as well as researching social indicators that measure the implementation of the UN CRPD and the current situation in all countries of the world.


Ingrid Heindorf, Human Rights Officer, World Future Council / Zero Project, Head of Policy Research and Conference Organisation, I.Heindorf@zeroproject.org +41 79 523 81 27



The Building Control Act, 2013

The building control act, 2013 an Act to consolidate, harmonise and amend the law relating to the erection of buildings; to provide for building standards; to establish a National Building Review Board and Building Committees; to promote and ensure planned, decent and safe building structures that are developed in harmony with the environment; and for other related matters. Acts supplement to the Uganda gazette no. 51 volume CVI dated 11th October, 2013 Printed by UPPC, Entebbe, by order of the government, Building Control Act, No10 of 2013


Global Week on Education Campaign

As Uganda is celebrating the Global Week on Education (4th to 10th May 2014), Uganda National Action on Physical Disability (UNAPD) joins the rest of the world in raising awareness on equal rights, opportunities of CWDs to access primary or elementary education. Children with Disabilities (CWDs) have a fundamental right to education, without education, CWDs cannot fully realize their potentials like others children.

Make schools accessible and inclusive to all CWDs including the deaf, blind, physical, little children/people, deaf blind, epilepsy, albinos, mental health) by constructing facilities such as latrines, ramps, wide doors, train teachers in sign language interpretation, avoid nick naming of CWDs, give CWDs scholastic materials, Braille education materials, procure accessible furniture etc

This message targets government, development partners, architects, engineers, and contractors, owners of schools, parents, care givers, fellow pupils, community and general public

This year the theme is “Equal Right, Equal Opportunity: Education and Disability”, and across Uganda we will be using the week to campaign for equal access and quality education for all children with disabilities.

Education should be available and appropriate for all children and schools should be adequately resourced to support children with special needs.


UNAPD gets new Board

By James Mwandha
Chairman UNAPD

On December 29, 2009, members of UNAPD held a General Assembly (GA) where they elected a new Board of Directors to lead them in the next four years (2010-2014). At the same occasion, members approved a new UNAPD’s Constitution and Strategic Plan 2010-2015. The 2nd General Assembly was held at Community Based Rehabilitation Alliance (COMBRA) in Seeta, Mukono, where over 100 delegates attended.

I was re-elected unopposed as Chairman and so was Arthur Blick as Vice-Chairman. Other members of the Board re-elected were Elizabeth Kayanga (Women Representative), Crispin Oketchogara (Western Region Representative) and Ann Mary Nabwire (Eastern Region Representative). The new members are Arch Goffin Chandria (Treasurer), Mpindi Bumaali (Central Region Representative), Fabiano Opira (Northern Region Representative) and Miriam Kiconco (Youth Representative). Congratulations to you all.

We thank Connie Tinka, the Executive Director of Katalemwa Cheshire Home, who performed the role of returning officer at the elections. The elections were no doubt democratically conducted and were free and fair.

To the old Board members, I am sure we were re-elected basing on our achievements and I implore you to consolidate our achievements as we work for more.

We as the new Board were elected because of the potential the electorate recognised in us to steer our organisation to greater heights. I urge all my Board colleagues not to let down our members and that we should execute our mandate to the satisfaction of them all without fear or favour.

The leadership we were entrusted with is not a simple voluntary matter as it seems. It calls for enormous commitment, transparency and accountability in the exercise of our duties. I know you all have these leadership qualities, in addition to many others, but it is a great challenge to put them into practice.

The Board is coming in at a time when UNAPD is preparing for negotiations to develop a new partnership with our partners in Denmark to transform the organisation from the current project-based to a programme-based approach. This is a great opportunity for our organisation’s transformation and our input and commitment to this exercise will be very valuable. We expect this exercise to kick off in January 2010, with the arrival of our partners led by Michael Larsen of DHF.

I take this opportunity to thank the Honourable Sulaiman Madada, the State Minister in Charge of Disability and Elderly, who graced our General Assembly as Guest of Honour and performed the opening ceremony. On behalf of the General Assembly I wish to thank him for an excellent address he delivered on the occasion. I would also like to thank Honourable Alex Ndeezi and Honourable Sofia Nalule (MPs representing Persons with Disabilities in Parliament) for honouring us with their presence. Our thanks also go to the Country Representative of ADD and Francis Kinubi, Chairman of NUDIPU, among other stakeholders for attending the opening ceremonies.

To UNAPD members, I thank you for taking time off your celebrations for the festive season to attend the GA, and exercising your democratic mandate to elect your leadership.

The out-going Board transformed UNAPD to its present state; from a period of no project at all to a period of five successful projects. On behalf of the entire UNAPD membership I wish to appreciate the role it played in the development of our organisation. For those members of the Board who were not able to make it to the new Board, are a resource to UNAPD. We shall keep on consulting them for advice from time to time to tap on their wide body of knowledge, skills and experience in giving direction to UNAPD.

The General Assembly would have been difficult to organise if it were not for the support we received from our partners of DHF, DBIA and ADD. We thank them for the financial, moral and technical support and guidance we received from them. This enabled us to carry out democratic elections, revise UNAPD’s Constitution, approve the Strategic Plan for the next five years and generally account to our members. We look forward to continued good working relationship between the new Board and our partners in the year 2010 and beyond.

Finally, we call upon the general membership of UNAPD to work closely together with the Board as we struggle to fulfil our mission of “removing barriers in society that prevent people with physical disabilities from enjoying full rights on equal basis with other citizens”.

NB: For more related articles and pictures about GA, go to the November-December 2009 edition of UNAPD Newsletter