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Global Week on Education Campaign

As Uganda is celebrating the Global Week on Education (4th to 10th May 2014), Uganda National Action on Physical Disability (UNAPD) joins the rest of the world in raising awareness on equal rights, opportunities of CWDs to access primary or elementary education. Children with Disabilities (CWDs) have a fundamental right to education, without education, CWDs […]

Livelihood Support Project

This was a follow-up project to the Mocro-Finance Project but only implemented in Nebbi. After mainstreaming PWDs in the Village Savings and Loan Associations, it was realised that many of them were engaged in petty businesses unable to bring them enough money to meet their basic needs and have a surplus to save in their […]

Microfinance Project

Through this project, PWPDs were incorporated in the CARE Uganda’s Village Saving and Loan Associations in the districts of Soroti and Nebbi. The project’s major goal was to improve the livelihoods of Persons with Physical Disabilities through accessing loans to enable them carry out productive activities. The project was implemented in partnership with CARE Uganda, […]

HIV/AIDS Project

UNAPD successfully implemented Phase I and II of this project in partnership with the National Union of Disabled Persons in Uganda (NUDIPU). The project promoted HIV/AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health among Persons with Physical Disabilities.

Labour Market Project

The project promoted a positive employment environment for PWD’s with formal education and without through advocacy, awareness-raising, linking PWDs to potential employers or training those without formal education into income generating activities. It was sponsored by the Danish Brain Injury Association. The pilot two-year project (2009-2010) was implemented in Makindye and Kawempe divisions in Kampala […]

Disability Rights Awareness Project

This was a tripartite project implemented by three Disabled People’s Organisations: Uganda National Action on Physical Disability; Mental Health Uganda; and National Association of the Deaf Blind. The project sought to improve the quality of life and enjoyment of disability rights among Persons with Mental Disabilities, Persons with Physical Disabilities and the Deaf-Blind (DB) in […]

The Wings Project

The project supported the development of four Wings – Youth, Women’s, Persons with Rheumatism and Polio Survivors’ Wings – within UNAPD, and widely disseminated information and research about polio survivors and persons with rheumatism. The project promoted participation of the Wings in UNAPD activities, strengthened the organisation’s advocacy initiatives as well as promoting the Wings’ […]

Uganda Brain Injury Support Project (UBSIP)

This was a two-year project (2007-2009) with a goal of increasing awareness on the rights of People with Acquired Brain Injury (PWABIs) and the challenges of Brain Injury among central and local government, civil society and local communities in Kampala District. The project succeeded in sensitising duty bearers and communities on prevention of Brain Injury […]

Capacity Building and Accessibility Project

One of the major outcomes of this project was the development of Accessibility Standards, a booklet that provides for guidelines to be followed to construct physical facilities that are accessible by all people including persons with disability. It was a three-year project (2008-2010) aimed at building the capacity and empowering Persons with Physical Disabilities, UNAPD […]

Accessible and Inclusive Schools Project for Children with Disability

The Accessible and Inclusive Schools for Children with Disability Project was implement from 2011-2013 in Kapchorwa and Masaka districts. The goal of the project was to make People with Physical Disabilities enjoy equal rights in all aspects of life and mainstreamed in the national and local level development programs. The project registered tremendous success in […]